Beacon Bingo Sets New World Record

Sunday 30 November was no ordinary night for the Beacon Bingo Club in Cricklewood. Incredibly, the club made it into the record books for giving away the largest ever prize in a single game of bingo. In this massive game, aptly nicknamed ‘The Colossus’, a staggering £100,000 was won by a single player.

However, that’s not all that was won by bingo players in Cricklewood that night. In addition to the big money game, there was a selection of warm-up games throughout the night. From when the night kicked off at 6.15pm, a total of 25 £1,000 prizes were given out, not to mention the three £10,000 full house games.

The Early Games

The night commenced with a small introductory game, which rewarded players with £100 for one line, £200 for two lines, and £1,000 for winning on a full house. Next, a three-page book game followed, with prizes of £50 for a single line, £100 for two lines, and, like the previous game, £1,000 for winning on a full house.

A short interval followed, before recommencing with another three games, offering players £100, £200, and £1,000 for getting one line, two lines, and a full house, respectively. Finishing off the lower stake games, there were another four games, each offering a slightly higher prize for one and two lines, but with the same £1,000 full house prize.

Stepping Things Up a Gear

This is the stage when things started to get a little more interesting. In the next game, which was a Link game, prizes of £1,000 were given out to winners, regardless of whether they got one line, two lines, or three lines. The next game was similar, but with the full house prize jumping up to £5,000. Things just started to get serious.

The next game on the agenda was the National, with a £1,000 in-house prize and the in-house flyer with another £1,000 prize. The jackpots were hiked up again for the next few games. For three games, players were rewarded with £1,000 for one line, £2,000 for two lines, and £10,000 for getting the full house.

The Special Event

The final game of the Colossus had bingo prizes of £1,000 for one line, £2,000 for two lines, and a staggering £100,000 for the full house winner. This was the game when history was made. A man whose wife had just given birth to a baby the previous day won this huge jackpot – he must be absolutely over the moon!

Beacon Bingo general manager Steve Lightfoot told how electric the atmosphere was throughout the night. Apparently, people travelled from far and wide to be involved in this momentous occasion, and what a success it was. The only problem that Beacon Bingo faces now, Lightfoot said, was figuring out how they would make the next one even better.

There is little doubt that there will be another instalment of this massive bingo night. Would you travel to take part of a record-setting bingo event packed with jackpots?

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