As Seen on TV Bingo

One thing we get bombarded with almost constantly on TV is adverts and in the last couple of years the number of bingo adverts appearing on our little moving picture box has increased to the point where we see a large number of them almost every day. These cover both newly launched bingo sites, as well as veteran sites with revamped offers and bonuses.

With that in mind we’ve picked out a couple of the best ones from a number of different brands and we’ll briefly go over what they involve and what offers they have.

Wink Bingo

First up in our rundown of ‘as seen on TV bingo’ adverts is Wink Bingo. Their latest ad shows off the sites logo redesign and is broadcast as their way of celebrating their new look.

The ad itself features bright and colourful settings with a number of different people, who we can assume are players on the site, singing “B-I-N-G-O” to the tune of Ottawan’s classic song “D-I-S-C-O”. It’s a catchy little number that sticks in your head long after the advert has finished and subtly encourages you to check out the site.

The deal they have on offer is one that will give you £50 when you deposit just £10 into your account, which is a 250% bonus. Plus what they don’t mention in the advert is that when you make this deposit you’ll be able to spin their bonus wheel to win a cash prize of between £15 and £1,000.

Tasty Bingo

Next up in our short list of ‘bingo as seen on TV offers’ is the food themed ad from Tasty Bingo. This interesting ad sticks with their iconic meal based style as it sits two ladies inside a restaurant who are then served by a waiter with an iPad filled with tons of bingo offers.

Of course the food theme doesn’t end there as they use phrases like ‘nibble’, ‘indulge’, ‘spicy’, ‘for desert’ and ‘takeaway’ to describe a range of specials they’re running. The offers in question are 5p games, a massive 2 million Sliding Jackpot, a BOGOF deal and their mobile app. Plus after flourishing a large metal meal dish the waiter reveals the sites deposit offer that gives you £40 to play with when you deposit £10.

It’s a light little appetiser that catches your attention, shows off the fun and silly nature of the site and peaks your curiosity in to joining up to see what other food based offers they have.

Mecca Bingo

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of the infamous Mecca Bingo advert that features the ‘Twerking Cactus’.

This advert certainly knows how to grab your attention as it starts out serious enough with a woman in a lab coat explaining facts and figures about the fans of the site.

From there it pulls the rug out from underneath you with its hilarious looking Cactus character that shakes its booty as it tells you about their latest deals on the site. The offer in question is their welcome bonus which gives you £40 to play on bingo when you spend £10 on any bingo game.

Bingo Hollywood

Last but not least is Bingo Hollywood’s latest advert. It starts off straightforward enough; it sticks with the sites LA inspired theme as it bases itself on a fictional award ceremony in the Hollywood hills. They follow the award ceremony theme as they list different people in the crowd as if they were actresses up for an Oscar and each one hold up cards with some of the sites offers on them.

The most notable of these offers being the 500% bonus that you get for making your first deposit, plus when you complete that initial top-up you’ll also be given 1,000 Star Points.

After listing each offer they turn the award ceremony shtick on its head by pointing at the camera and saying the winner is ‘You’, i.e. the player signing up to the site.

These are just a couple of the most noteworthy adverts out there; each one covers a great site that you should definitely check out whenever you have the chance. After all, they wouldn’t be making all these hilarious adverts if they didn’t have something great to offer!