5 Tips: How To Be Environmentally Conscious At Home

Taking care of our environment seems to be one of the hottest trends around, for which we’re thankful. Everyone always wants to recycle and make sure that whatever they’re doing it’s going to be environmentally friendly. Quite often this can seem a bit complicated and difficult to get started with because there’s so many different ways you can be eco-friendly.

That’s why we’ve created a small list with five of the best and, more importantly, simplest ways that you can be environmentally conscious around your home.

Grow Your Own Food

Although this might not be everyone’s cup of tea growing your own food can be incredibly beneficial to both you and the environment. For one you’re saving money that would normally be spent on the weekly shop, plus all that healthy home grown food will have more nutrients and be better for you.

organic vegetables

In terms of the environment growing your own food helps to cut-down on the amount of waste that’s leftover from things like packaging and labels after you’ve had a meal.

Plus depending on the type of items you’re growing you’ll be helping to enrich the soil as nutrients from your plants will be released back into the nearby soil to help reduce the amount of pollutants that might be building up.

Use Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Solutions

Although not a lot of people are aware of this one, using eco-friendly cleaning agents is extremely important. Unlike ordinary soap agents these environmentally friendly solutions will completely breakdown in water after you’ve used them, whereas ordinary brands don’t always completely dilute. This means that the toxic chemicals inside these cleaning agents are then released back into the water supply.

Recycle Everything

This one is pretty easy to get to grips with; all you have to do is recycle everything that you can. Normally your local governmental body will provide you with special bins or trash cans that you can sort your items into.

So always make sure plastics, cans, tins of leftover food and cardboard is always put in one of these bins because they’re then recycled at special plants rather than dumped on a landfill.

Reusable Bags

This is quite an important one, purchasing a ‘Bag for Life’ or other reusable bags is incredibly beneficial to the environment as it cuts down on the amount of plastic bags hitting dumps or floating loose around our streets. Plus in the UK now we have to pay 5p per plastic bag and this works as a great incentive to get you to switch to reusable bags or just put items in a rucksack or our pockets to get them home.

Unplug Electronics

You would be surprised by the number of people who overlook this one. Turning off lights you aren’t using seems like a difficult one to overlook but a lot of people still leave unnecessary lights and electronics on in their home.

light switch

Ideally what you should do in your home is to regularly wander around it and see if there’s any lights or gadgets on or plugged in that probably shouldn’t be, if they are all you have to do is just turn them off.

Turning off all the electronics you’re using is always a great idea as it reduces your carbon footprint since you’re not draining as much power. As a result you also won’t have to pay as much for your power bill if more electronics are turned off.

Just stick to a few of these tips and in no time at all you’ll not only drastically reduce the amount of money you’re spending you’ll also be a lot more environmentally friendly as a result.

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